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We know adult learners. We know the balance of earning a degree, earning a living and living a life. We also know you have bigger ambitions. We can help.

Everything’s Right Here

Why GGU?

Since 1901, we’re the only non-profit university dedicated to helping adult learners succeed by:

  • Offering highly flexible paths to completion

    Our sole purpose is to educate adult learners like you. In fact, more than 80% of our students are part-time. So we understand how hard it can be to juggle work, school and life. That’s why we offer flexible courses and help every student design a personalized path to degree completion. And our wide selection of evening and online classes make it easier to get the classes you need at the times you want.

  • Designing degrees for modern business needs

    We have a long-standing tradition of partnering with Bay Area business and institutional leaders. Their partnership in our programs and curriculum ensures we keep pace with—and stay ahead of—the rapidly changing world of business. For fall 2019, we’re debuting four Bachelor’s degrees based on this philosophy: BS in Data Analytics (due to shortage of job applicants),  BA in Organizational Leadership (due to shortage of skills), BA in Psychology and BS in Accounting.

  • Bringing real-world expertise into the classroom

    We enlist industry experts to teach at GGU. More than 80% of our courses are instructed by practicing professionals. You’ll gain invaluable insights from some of the Bay Area’s best executives, directors, entrepreneurs, consultants, partners and other industry leaders. We partner with innovators like this to ensure our curriculum evolves with today’s thinking, tools and applications needed in this unique local-global economy.

  • Creating a genuinely supportive environment

    After 120 years of helping adult learners, we understand your needs. No other university intimately understands the work-life-school demands adult learners must balance every day. Our unique programs and services are specifically designed to ensure our students feel supported and inspired. We take great pride in fostering a genuinely positive and motivating culture.

  • Delivering accredited degrees

    Since 1959, Golden Gate University has been accredited on an institution-wide basis by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). And there hasn’t been a day without it.  Other schools with WASC accreditation include: Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco & San Jose State University. Certification is important if you’re looking to transfer credits or if you want to leave the door open to attend a postgraduate program.

  • Inspiring difference-makers

    A Space Shuttle commander. A luminary on Ebony’s Power 100 List. Co-Founder of MoveOn.org. Mothers Against Drunk Driving’s Prosecutor of the Year. CEO of Bank of America.  Director of Special Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Programs for the US Dept. of Defense. National Director of the International Cinematographers Guild. The current CA State Treasurer. Afghanistan Ambassador to the USA. New York Times bestselling American novelist.

    These are just 10 of our 68,000-plus active alumni who are business and legal leaders, activists, government officials, and more.

  • Earning a #1 ranking for adult learners in the US (2016-2018)

    Washington Monthly ranked GGU #1 for adult learners 3 years running. That’s because we perform where it counts: Ease of transfer (5 of 5), flexibility of programs (8 of 9), adult student services (5 of 6), percentage of students who pay off debt in 5 years (66%), and high earnings 10 years after graduation ($75K mean). Everything’s right here.

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